About Me

Howdy, Hey There & Hello, my name is Montez McCrary, and I am these things and more. SOOOOO much more…

I’m the Founder of The PractitioNERD Manufacture, a think-tank-of-sorts encompassing of being the Editor-In-Chief of The PractitioNERD (writing and curating content related to the nerdy/geekery of architecture, technology, video games and pro wrestling), Creator/Editor of various and original Video and Audio content under The PractitioNERD banner, and administrator of the brand’s social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, DailyMotion, YouTube, Google+Pinterest, & Reddit).  I’m also an experienced Architectural Intern/Professor, freelance Architectural/Graphic Designer, Gaming Connoisseur, Technology Hobbyist -turned-IT Specialist, History Aficionado, Professional Wrestling Enthusiast, Texas Aggie (Class of 2007), San Antonio Spurs fan, Comic/Graphic Novel Fanatic and proud nerd!

During my time with Christopher Egan and Ana Martinez (my first architectural internship, just out of high school), I was able to succeed in learning about the basics in architectural design and the business aspect of architecture — all before I began my college career. While I was interning at VOA Associates in Chicago, I learned and succeeded at finishing tasks quickly and thoroughly, and, as a result, saved money, time, and increase productivity and project progression (whether it was with architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, or clerical/archiving work). For example, while working at VOA on a condominium project in Miami, we discovered that the plans for the built-in parking garage were designed according to the local building code in Chicago instead of the code in Miami. I was given the task of researching the code for built-in parking garages in Miami, and editing all of the plans as such in AutoCAD. We feared of losing multiple floors of parking after the change, but we ended up losing only 16 total parking spaces.

My interest in architectural history stemmed from my interest in history, in general. When I made the decision of majoring in Environmental Design (Architecture) at Texas A&M, I planned to take the architectural history classes to further feed my interest, and, while doing so, later discovered that I could receive a Minor in Art & Architectural History, so I just continued with my original plans. Architectural history, to me, shows how many buildings and structure were able to express powerful cultural forces. Each building type, style, and movement embody the attitudes of our relationship with nature, our social relation with other people, the importance of the individual person, the value of the advances in science and technology, and the role of politics in our world.


Coming from a childhood were I was regularly ridiculed for having a severe stuttering problem and asthma (yeah, kids can be cruel), as well as having an enthusiastic interest in many thing related to science, technology, history, art, and various things that were not trendy or deemed “popular” or “in” at the time. I didn’t become comfortable in my skin until my junior year of high school nor come into the realization and self-proclamation of being a “nerd” until graduate school.

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